£20 - Normal screen size for T shirts, (A3)

£30 - Medium screen size, (A2)

£40 - Large screen size, (A1)

We charge £5.00 per ink colour change.

Add 30p onto each print for phosphorescent, fluorescent and metallic inks. Please ask if you require more specialist inks such as flock, foam, process colours, glitter, etc...

There's usually postage or courier costs to add on to your order but that's it! 

Here's the basics!​ Prices below are for the more popular items we print but we can source a very extensive range of stock. Here's our main suppliers catalogue:

We print patches too. Those already cut and sewn and also multiples onto cotton drill sheets. Enquire for prices.

Add an extra 30p onto each print if your artwork is over A3 - size.

There's no V.A.T to add, no screen set up costs and we do not charge for the creation of artwork needed to transfer your design onto screens.

If your artwork requires a few adjustments to make it work as a print we'll do this free of charge too! 

Although we are principally fabric printers we can also print onto paper, board and a variety of other substrates and materials. To enquire just go to the 'Contact'  page and write./call us for advice and quotes.

We're happy to print onto your own supplied garments/ fabrics when we are satisfied they are suitable for screen printing. Just contact us for print only quotes.

T Shirt Printers And Much More

Our minimum print quantity for garments is normally 10 item. It's not usually cost effective to print anything less but if you do require a smaller print run just ask and we'll send you a quote.

Each ink colour in your artwork will require a screen. Screens are kept up for 6 months after your 1st order. If you re-order within 6 months you won't be charged again for screen hire.